• BitDAO and Mantle have merged, creating a $2.5B DAO-led web3 ecosystem.
• Ripple CTO confirms its CBDC Platform’s ability to use XRP token.
• Crypto scammers have duped over 14,000 people to make $6.4M from ‘fake token claims’.

BitDAO-Mantle Merger Creates $2.5B DAO-Led Web3 Ecosystem

BitDAO and Mantle have merged, creating a $2.5 billion DAO-led web3 ecosystem that will include products such as decentralized finance (DeFi) applications, a cross-chain swap platform, and more. This merger is expected to enable users to take advantage of the best features of both platforms while also offering access to DeFi protocols on multiple blockchains with one interface.

Ripple CTO Confirms Its CBDC Platform’s Ability To Use XRP Token

Ripple CTO David Schwartz has confirmed that the company’s CBDC Platform can interact with the XRP Ledger (XRPL) and XRP token. The platform does not require XRP for it to operate; however, it remains to be seen if central banks opt to utilize the token when utilizing the platform for their own needs or purposes.

Crypto Scammers Dupe Over 14,000 People To Make $6.4M From ‚Fake Token Claims‘

Crypto scammers have reportedly duped over 14,000 people out of millions of dollars through “fake token claims” since March 2021 according to data from blockchain analytics firm AnChain AI . These scams often involve impersonating well-known crypto figures or projects in order to lure unsuspecting investors into sending them funds in exchange for fake tokens or coins that do not exist in reality.

Going Full Maxi: Tensions Flare As Bitcoin Expert Maintains That Altcoins Are Scams

Tensions are flaring between Bitcoin maximalists and altcoin supporters as Bitcoin expert Saifedean Ammous maintains his stance that altcoins are scams or useless experiments at best . He argues that since Bitcoin is already digital gold in its current form , there is no need for any other cryptocurrency – no matter how innovative its technology is – aside from Bitcoin itself .

US Lawmaker Introduces Bill To Clarify Digital Assets Classification

US Congressman Warren Davidson has introduced a bill titled „The Digital Commodity Exchange Act“ which aims to clarify how different types of digital assets should be classified by clarifying definitions such as “security tokens” and “digital commodities” . The bill would also create enforceable industry standards regarding anti-money laundering (AML), customer protection measures , cybersecurity safeguards , market manipulation prevention , privacy policies , etc., for digital asset exchanges operating within US jurisdictions .