US Leads the World in Crypto Success: $46.95B and Counting


  • The US topped Coin Journal’s list of most successful crypto countries, with an estimated value of $46.95 billion.
  • In the US, 1,992 crypto-related businesses employ 5,691 people.
  • Other top countries in the list include the UK, Germany, France and Vietnam.

The US Leads Global Crypto Industry

The United States sits atop Coin Journal’s list of most desirable crypto countries, garnering a 9.94 score out of 10. The US crypto industry is worth an estimated $46.95 billion and employs 5,691 people across 1,992 crypto-related businesses. This dwarfs that of other countries on the list such as the UK ($8.16 billion), Germany ($4.6 billion), France ($5.7 billion) and Vietnam ($2.7 billion).

Factors Used in Ranking

Coin Journal’s report took multiple factors into account when ranking these countries including the number of cryptocurrency owners by country, investment companies, crypto startups and average gains from crypto per country. Other reports such as Chainalysis‘ annual Geography of Cryptocurrency Report also include wider issues like macroeconomic environment and policy/regulatory conditions when making its recommendations.

Money Talks in Crypto Industry

In the cryptocurrency industry money talks with capital driving geographies with more potential to work with it. For instance Switzerland is home to Zug’s famous „crypto valley“ canton; while UAE is home to Binance and Estonia has been referred to as „digital capital of Europe.“ These places have made various top five lists but none have come close to competing with the U.S., which still remains at number one for now.

No Single Metric Captures All Factors In Rankings

Though money obviously plays a key role in determining success for any given country or region’s cryptospace it does not necessarily reveal all factors necessary for a complete picture. Therefore while rankings are useful they should be taken only as part of a larger analysis taking into account all relevant factors such as quality of life or cost of living when considering investments opportunities in different regions around the world .