The French addicted to winning trading? This site has found the magic formula

A new record for Kryll – The French platform Kryll continues to assert itself as a heavyweight in community trading. It is today a new record that it has just established with the exceeding of the bar of 400 million dollars in volume. The reasons for its success are by no means trivial. Constantly evolving, it’s a rain of new features that will appear by the end of the year.

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A successful crypto-trading offer

It is an innovative concept that is being followed. Kryll stood out from the competition by democratizing community trading . Thus, a daily plethora of trading strategies are offered to newcomers, allowing them to follow the expertise of seasoned traders.

The Kryll platform has experienced the strongest growth in its existence. Between the Covid-19 crisis and perpetual innovation, the success factors are multiple and reflect an increasingly important attraction of the French for trading.

Now publishers (those who propose strategies) have their own Telegram support channel to assist newcomers in their learning. To name but a few, Maya , Gekko , or even Gaia (click on their name if you want to join their Telegram channel) offer constantly evolving strategies that will open the doors to success for you.

An expected update

The platform has undergone several major transformations exposed in its version 1.10 . The Multi Launcher option has made its appearance, making it possible to launch several simultaneous trading strategies, comprising up to 9 different pairs.

With the Multi launcher option, adding a new pair of cryptos is done in one click

This update has also seen the addition of two new blocks to refine the strategies put in place: these blocks „Check peers“ and „GO TO“ .

The Check pair block is used to perform tests on the pair in use (am I on the “BTC-EUR” pair for example).

The GO TO block allows you to go directly to a block without having to draw a new arrow. Indeed, the more the strategies evolve, the more an optimal organization is necessary.

Example of a trading strategy on Kryll

This new update offers other major improvements:

increasing the scalability of the web infrastructure, to respond to the influx of new users;
the new possibility for publishers to communicate by mailing with their users (Keep members informed of a change in strategy for example).

Since this update, it is also possible to send KRL (native tokens of the Kryll platform) between users . This is ideal if you want to introduce a friend to the platform , by sending them some KRL.

Kryll dubbed by the giants of the sector

In other big news, the Kryll team has been selected by the famous crypto exchange Binance to discuss the subject of trading bots . You can still watch this webinar on YouTube by clicking here .

Faced with the success of decentralized finance (DeFi), Kryll also wanted to create an exchange pool via the decentralized exchange Uniswap , very fashionable at the moment.

This pool facilitates the decentralized acquisition of KRL tokens, anyone can now participate in the liquidity provision from this page . A full tutorial on using the pool should be available shortly.