• Yoda Coin rug pulled, losing all its value and 68 Ethereum to the scammer.
• Crypto Twitter users were quick to alert others of the scam, providing evidence of deleted accounts.
• PeckShieldAlert tracked down the wallet movements of the scammers while Coinbase reported revenue growth and lower volatility in Q2.

Yoda Coin Rug Pulled

YODA coin suddenly collapsed on May 5 when crypto sleuth PeckShieldAlert revealed that a scammer had rugged over 68 Ethereum from investors. Avid crypto collector @borovik.eth noticed that Yoda Coin’s official account was inaccessible and shared a screenshot on Twitter for others to see. Crypto Twitter users then provided additional information about the suspended addresses in the comments, including nine bot accounts with gold checkmarks being deactivated by the team.

Tracking Down Scammer Wallet Movements

PeckShieldAlert monitored the scammers’ wallet movements and discovered that they moved over 68 ETH to FixedFloat exchange, which is equivalent to over $129,000 in ETH at press time.

Memecoin Season

Thoughts on memecoins may vary amongst crypto enthusiasts, recent data shows that more people are showing interest in them due to their low entry barriers and potential profits. Despite this situation, it is important for investors to be vigilant when investing in any project or coin as there are many scams out there waiting for unsuspecting victims.

Binance Listing Pushes Pepe & Floki Up More Than 50%

Shortly after announcing its listing on Binance, Pepe and Floki coins have seen an impressive rise of more than 50%. WSB also experienced an increase of 200% after suspect offers refund option was introduced into circulation.

Coinbase Reports Revenue Growth & Lower Volatility

In addition to these developments, Coinbase reported 22% revenue growth during Q1 along with a net loss of $79 million but noted that volatility is expected to decline during Q2 2021