• Crypto developers have exposed flaws in Societe Generale’s euro stablecoin.
• Brazil is investigating Binance over illegal derivatives offerings.
• Fed Governor emphasizes benefits and risks of tokenization and smart contracts.

Societe Generale Euro Stablecoin Flaws Exposed

Crypto developers have discovered „absolutely horrible“ security flaws in Societe Generale’s euro stablecoin, which could potentially put users‘ funds at risk. The developers are calling for a thorough review of the code before the coin is launched publicly.

Brazil Investigating Binance Over Illegal Derivatives Offerings

Brazilian authorities are investigating Binance for allegedly offering illegal derivatives trading services to its customers. The exchange has denied any wrongdoing but has agreed to cooperate with the investigation.

Benefits & Risks Of Tokenization & Smart Contracts Discussed

The Fed Governor has discussed the potential benefits and risks associated with tokenization and smart contracts in an interview. He highlighted how these technologies could revolutionize existing financial systems while also noting that they carry certain security risks as well.

Trezor Refusing Coinjoin UTXOs To Protect Privacy

Trezor, a popular hardware wallet provider, has confirmed that it is refusing coinjoin UTXOs in order to protect the privacy of its users. This move comes as part of their ongoing commitment to provide secure storage solutions for digital assets.

Dutch Court To Release Alexey Pertsev

The Dutch court system has decided to release Alexey Pertsev, lead developer on the Tornado Cash project, under surveillance after he was arrested last month on suspicion of laundering money through his platform. The decision came following an extensive investigation by law enforcement officials into Pertsev’s activities on Tornado Cash.