• Cardano’s new solution, Hydra, is now live on the mainnet amidst Ethereum’s rising gas fees.
• Twitter has appointed Linda Yaccarino as its new CEO and PEPE’s market cap has dropped below $500M due to shifting community interests.
• Do Kwon was granted bail at 400,000 Euros and the US Chamber of Commerce sided with the crypto industry in its criticism of the SEC.

Cardano’s Hydra Scaling Solution Goes Live

Cardano recently launched their much anticipated scaling solution, Hydra, on their mainnet in response to Ethereum’s rising gas fees. The move comes as a welcome relief for users looking for an alternative blockchain to build applications and conduct transactions on.

Twitter Appoints New CEO

In other news, Twitter announced that Linda Yaccarino will be taking over as its new CEO. Yaccarino is a former NBC executive with a strong background in advertising and marketing which will likely come in handy for Twitter who are looking to monetize more aggressively this year.

PEPE Market Cap Slides Below $500 Million

PEPE memecoin saw its market cap drop below $500 million this week after reaching an all-time high just last week of over $1 billion dollars. This shift in interest among investors appears to have been fueled by renewed excitement around other meme tokens like Lady (LADY) which have gained traction among traders lately.

Do Kwon Granted Bail

Do Kwon was granted bail at 400,000 Euros despite prosecutors wishing otherwise. Kwon had previously been arrested during police raids targeting cryptocurrency exchanges back in April 2021 and had remained incarcerated until his recent release under these conditions set forth by the court.

US Chamber Of Commerce Sides With Crypto Industry

Lastly, the US Chamber of Commerce came out against the SEC regarding their stance on cryptocurrencies this week, slamming them for being too restrictive towards innovation within the space while providing no clear guidance or regulation that would allow companies to operate within legal parameters securely and safely.